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Remedial Therapies


A consultation includes; gait analysis, reading the equine body – and protocols for movement dysfunction and a number of systemic conditions.



​​Equine sports massage can be a generalised way of relaxing the horse whilst stimulating the circulation and removing toxins, it can pinpoint and release specific areas of tension within the muscles.  The aim of a body worker is to address the body as a whole benefiting the horse in many ways.


In this day and age we expect our horses to perform as top class athletes, but do we treat them accordingly? Many traits which are misconstrued as bad behaviour are really signs of discomfort. 

Think how uncomfortable you feel when your muscles ache, sports massage can relieve muscle tension and prevent it from turning to lameness.



​Red Light Therapy

Photonic Red Light Therapy integrates traditional Chinese medicine practices with science using modern and safe technology.

Photonic Red Light Therapy is complementary to traditional veterinary medicine and most other known therapies including equine massage.​


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