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Lucy Atty is passionate about anything equestrian. Since an early age she has been involved in riding and horsemanship. She learnt to ride whilst growing up in the Middle East where her love of horses was soon firmly established.  Later moving to the U.K Lucy's thirst for equestrian knowledge continued throughout her teenage years.  Whilst studying at Bedgebury College in Kent she completed her British Horse Society AI teaching qualification.  At Coventry University she continued her formal training with a Higher National Diploma (HND) in Equine Studies. After graduation Lucy gained a wide range of experience by working in a number of equestrian disciplines, these include, Racing, Point to Point, Polo, Teaching, and even working along side one of England's top eventers Nigel Taylor whilst long listed for the British team as his Head Groom.  Later furthering her education by studying Equine Sports Massage to Advanced level, Photonic Red light Therapy and Saddle fitting with the Society of Master Saddlers UK.















Having settled in Perth Lucy had the opportunity to bring all her skills together to be able to provide a bespoke service to her clients. Now she lives and works in Moora, North of Perth. ​Lucy opened Equi Fit in 2010 and since then she has helped numerous horses and riders with a wide range of issues. Her focus is always the well-being of the horse whilst achieving solutions that are holistic, intuitive and cost-effective.  Her aim is to help create a comfortable work environment for horse and rider with the intention of producing a well balanced and happy horse, training for any discipline.

Noelene Cochrane

New Norcia, Western Australia

Upon moving to Moora almost two years ago Lucy Atty was one of the very first people I was to meet. I had a young mare that I wanted mouthed, backed and ridden for several weeks. I am extremely fussy as to who does what with my horses, I wanted someone with a broad knowledge of horses, passion, common sense, approachable, and good facilities! A lot to ask really!! However after asking a few people in Moora, Lucy's name was mentioned twice, so I asked her to give me some coaching with my stallion first off. I was very happy with this and I really liked Lucy's approach. So off went my mare to Lucy's for a fortnight. I was constantly updated with her progress and sent photos of her working, when I picked her up Lucy went to great lengths to make sure I was in tune with what my mare had learnt, and she's never looked back. I have since had coaching with Lucy, called on her for advice, and had her attend to issues with my horses soundness including feet and red light therapy with good results. I would highly recommend Equi Fit to anyone who wants any form of advice, coaching of all levels, breaking in etc. I look forward to the times I visit Lucy as not only are they informative but a lot of fun.

Michelle Nicholls

Koorda, Western Australia

Over the years Lucy has done a lot of schooling of my ponies - flatwork, groundwork and jumping. Benson is 13hh. He is working so well now and a horse that was extremely stiff (more of a rehab horse) is now having great success where I previously had none! This was all combined holistically with massage, acupuncture and saddle fitting to get the most out the horses and ponies. My girls love Lucy's approach - firm but nice and safe! I would strongly recommend Lucy to anyone needing the whole package or lessons in any of the above.

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