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CE Certified Equestrian Airbag Vest

Shock absorbing pads are incorporated in the chest area, and the airbag and shock absorbing pads provide excellent shock absorbing performance.
The MLV3-H offers a greater range of protection due to the large volume of the airbag.
Once activated, the buttons automatically open by air pressure and the airbag inflates to a large size.
The harness-style design allows for a wide range of compatible sizes and the waist belt allows for size adjustment.
It can be worn all year round, over both spring/summer and winter jackets.


  • Color Black, Navy
    Size XS, S, M, L
    CO2 cartridge 50cc
    Weight XS : 0.95kg (CO2 cartridge 50cc)
    S : 1kg (CO2 cartridge 50cc),
    M : 1.25kg (CO2 cartridge 60cc),
    L : 1.35kg (CO2 cartridge 60cc)
    Material 600D Polyester, Polyester mesh, Nylon Ripstop
    Airbag Tube : Polyurethane
    Option Back Padding
    Harness Side Protector
    Remarks This Airbag cannot be washed.
    How to care


    Size table (EU,US / Unit : cm)

    Sizes XS S M L
    Height 135〜150 150〜165 160〜180 175〜190
    Chest 70 80 85 90
    Waist 55〜65 60〜80 70〜90 85〜105
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